Precision Die-Cut Components


"PressCut Industries is committed to understanding and meeting the needs of our customers. It is the responsibility of all employees to achieve continuous improvement in all aspects of our business and to deliver the highest quality products and services."

Quality Objectives ASO9100 Certificate

  1. Financial Performance
          + Invoiced Sales
          + Gross Margin
          + COGS
          + Accounts Receivables
          + Accounts Payables

  2. Customer Confidence
          + Backlog
          + Bookings
          + Customer Surveys
          + Customer Scorecards

  3. Quality
          + CA6s as % of Sales
          + Inventory Cycle Count Accuracy
          + Noncomformance Trends (CA5's)

  4. Responsiveness
          + Quotation Success Rates
          + On-Time Delivery Performance