Precision Die-Cut Components



PressCut Industries custom fabricates gaskets and other die cut parts to the highest standards to meet your specifications.

PressCut Industries, the leader in high-speed, close-tolerance, high-volume die cutting has the ability to cut full rolls of material for maximum yield and efficiency. PressCut's experienced sales staff is available to answer your questions about slitting, die cutting and assembly of combination gaskets utilizing their extensive knowledge from years of working in the aerospace, telecommunications, computer, appliance, medical, plumbing, and industrial valve and regulator industries. This knowledge of different industries also provides PressCut's employees with the understanding of many materials. These materials range from the common everyday rubber, cork, fiber, cork and rubber, felt, and sponge to exotics like EMI/RFI shielding, laminates, and engineered plastics. Let PressCut Industries show you how simple it can be to get your die cutting needs resolved from a single source that meets your complex requirements.

Die cutting, EMI/RFI shielding, and o-rings make PressCut Industries your one stop vendor for all your sealing needs. Don't make six telephone calls, talk to ten different individuals, or wait for days for an answer to your sealing questions. Call or fax PressCut Industries today and see what total service is like. Our sales professionals are ready to provide you with the products, services, and service you've been looking for.